Our Technology

The first commercial provider of quantum sensing technology

High precision.
Spatial sensing.
Vector field sensing.
Our innovation

We have created diamond-based quantum sensors at the atomic scale, capable of operating in extreme conditions.

Our quantum sensing technology utilizes solid-state qubits integrated into diamonds. Quantum sensing transcends physical limitations in terms of spatial resolution and sensitivity, surpassing the capabilities of classical sensors.

Technical Specs

Our current measurement limits

Magnetic field sensing

Minimal field strength: 1 nT (AC),
0.5 µT (DC)
Frequency range: 1 Hz - 10 GHz (AC)
Sensitivity: down to 30 pT/√Hz
Vectorial sensing possible

Widefield imaging

X/Y-resolution: 200 nm or standoff dependent
Field of view: 4 mm x 4 mm

Temperature sensing

Temperature range: -170° C - 700° C
Sensitivity: 75 mK/√Hz

Our projects

Our engagements in the quantum race

Read about our partner projects:

European Investment Council

Developing first-in-class diamond-based quantum microscopy for immediate semiconductor industry applications.

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Munich Quantum Valley

Extending our capabilities towards non-destructive temperature sensing.

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SPRIN-D Project

Designing a demonstrator that enables very high resolution while maintaining fast measurement speeds through "Sprunginnovation".

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European Space Agency Business Incubation Center

Miniaturising a quantum sensor for space applications.

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