Any question that you might have regarding QuantumDiamonds

Any question that you might have regarding QuantumDiamonds are collected and answered here.

Do you offer discounts?

We can offer volume-based discounts. Please request a quote and we will adjust the price accordingly! If you are cost sensitive, please check out our 13C. In many cases the 2x2x0.5 mm size might be suitable for you. These diamonds are a good alternative to the more expensive 4x4x0.5 mm size.

Can you customise my diamond?

Absolutely! We specialize in creating NV-ensembles for imaging and spectroscopy applications with suggested ranges on our Products pages. Therefore, our characterization equipment is more suitable for measuring higher NV-concentrations. We aim to provide datasheets for each diamond, however orders of NV-concentrations below the suggested may not come with one. Whenever possible, please order our standardised products.

Do you guarantee that the diamonds have the characterisations?

Yes. We provide a datasheet with each diamond made in our suggested ranges. We offer an option to exchange a diamond if its properties do not reasonably match expectations. Every NV-setup is different; therefore, what we measure on our characterization setup likely will not identically match measurements on other setups. Standard characterization of ¹²C layers is done to ensure growth was successful including layer thickness, total thickness, optical microscopy, and PL mapping.

How is Quantum Diamonds funded?

We rely on a mix of public and private funding.