Making the invisible visible

Non-destructive measurement. Extract information without changing the object or disrupting the process being measured.
Nano-scale resolution. Measure and image magnetic fields at the scale of nanometers.
Real-time results. Optimize efficiency and minimize downtime by leveraging instant insights into the production process.
Our Mission

Building a global quantum sensing platform that enables progress across a variety of fields, from semiconductor manufacturing to biotechnology and chemistry.

Our Products and services

Harness the power of quantum

Supercharge your sensing capabilities with our array of quantum-driven products.

Ready-to-use quantum sensors

Calibration-free, room temperature, biocompatible sensors for less background noise and improved coherence properties.

Super-resolution quantum imager

Super-resolution imaging on the basis of classical and quantum correlation functions.

Lab as a service

Magnetic field sensing for any industry, including semiconductors, biology and batteries.

Our Technology

We have developed atom-sized quantum sensors in diamonds, functioning under the hardest conditions.

Our quantum sensing technology involves sensors which are solid-state qubits embedded within diamonds. Quantum sensing breaks physical barriers in regard to spatial resolution and sensitivity, unmatchable by classical sensors.

Technical Specs

Unprecedented imaging speed and resolution

Our current measurement limits

Magnetic field sensing

Minimal field strength: 1 nT (AC),
0.5 µT (DC)
Frequency range: 1 Hz - 10 GHz (AC)
Sensitivity: down to 30 pT/√Hz
Vectorial sensing possible

Widefield imaging

X/Y-resolution: 200 nm or standoff dependent
Field of view: 4 mm x 4 mm

Temperature sensing

Temperature range: -170° C - 700° C
Sensitivity: 75 mK/√Hz

Our projects

Our engagements in the quantum race

Read about our partner projects:

European Investment Council

Developing first-in-class diamond-based quantum microscopy for immediate semiconductor industry applications.

Learn More

Munich Quantum Valley

Extending our capabilities towards non-destructive temperature sensing.

Learn More

SPRIN-D Project

Designing a demonstrator that enables very high resolution while maintaining fast measurement speeds through "Sprunginnovation".

Learn More

European Space Agency Business Incubation Center

Miniaturising a quantum sensor for space applications.

Learn More
Facts & Figures

QD in numbers

Raised Capital
EUR 8.5m
Active Qubits
1 billion+
Main applications

We are challenging the conventional methods that industries use for sensing.

Whenever a new level of insights is needed, our quantum sensors make a difference.

Medical diagnostics

Detailed sub-cellular insights and ultrasensitive magnetic based detection of biomarkers enabling personalized medicine and point-of-care diagnostics.

Battery development

With sustainability and stewardship of our planet increasingly in our consciousness, the race to create batteries that are cheaper, more durable and energy-dense is on.

Chemical analysis

High throughput screening of everything from enzymes to active compounds in drugs.

Medical imaging

Guiding surgeons and neurological diagnoses to improve patients health.

Semiconductor manufacturing

Enabling Moore's law to continue reduction in chip dimensions and improving processing speed and reduce energy consumption.

Our Partners

Our network supports us in scientific research, industry applications, and capital funding. Together, we build tomorrow’s world of quantum technology.

Industry Partners
Core Research Partners
Funding Partners
About us

We are disrupting the sensing industry

Our diverse team with more than +20 years of quantum research experience is working towards
one goal: Marking the invisible, visible.

Our team combines scientific expertise with experience in commercial applications.

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