Our Mission

Leading the sensing revolution

We are at the frontier of current sensing techniques.
We offer flexible, cost-effective sensing solutions.
Quantum is the new status quo in sensing technology.
Our Mission

Revolutionizing the sensing industry by harnessing the extraordinary potential of quantum technologies. We are dedicated to delivering magnetic field measurements with unparalleled precision and accuracy.

Our Attitude

Move with energy and focus

Our users entrust us with their money, their businesses, and their livelihoods. Millions of businesses around the world (individuals, startups, and large enterprises) are open for business only if we are. When we mess up, miss a deadline, or slow down, it matters. We take that responsibility seriously.


Rigour, trust and optimism

We care about being right and it often takes reasoning from first principles to get there.
By the standards of the rest of the world, we overtrust. We’re okay with that.
We are micro pessimists but macro optimists.

Our people

Hear from our leaders and supporters

“It’s a very exciting moment to join such a fantastic team establishing its disruptive quantum sensing test solutions in the market. Semiconductor ICs represent the largest opportunity with steadily growing complexities of multi-layer devices, chiplets and advanced packaging technologies.”

Axel Fischer
Former VP, Samsung Semiconductor Europe

"We at Onsight Ventures see QD as the perfect embodiment of our vision of uniting bright minds to shape the future of technology. We are excited to support their journey as they bring their transformative innovation to the global stage, while also contributing to the growth of high-tech start-ups in DACH and Europe."

Jasmin Güngör
Partner, Onsight Ventures

"While my former company, ASML, has set a new standard for lithography processes, QD is well positioned to bring a new level of quality control and design acceleration to the semiconductor industry. Their sensing solutions come to market at a point in time where chips get more and more complex, both monolithically as well as part of a heterogeneous integration scheme, thus nondestructive 3D imaging for multi-layer chips is required."

Dr. Antonio Mesquida Küsters
Former Sr. Director Product Marketing & Business Development, ASML

"QD isn't just an exciting company because of its disruptive potential - the products themselves have great scalability, and they can be applied in a variety of different ways. The barriers to transitioning from a single device to hundreds are much lower compared to other quantum innovations. Their diverse team, which combines both commercial and technical expertise, is ideally positioned to bring this vision to life."

Ralf Fuchs
Former Executive VP, BSH Home Appliances Group

"Quantum Diamonds is poised to become a pivotal player in the semiconductor industry due to its groundbreaking developments in quantum sensing capabilities for chips. As AI systems become increasingly sophisticated, they require more advanced chips capable of handling complex computations and data processing with greater speed and accuracy. Quantum Diamonds' quantum sensing technology ensures that the chips at the heart of these AI systems are of the highest quality, thereby not only improving the performance of AI applications but also driving the evolution of the industry. In essence, Quantum Diamonds is not just a part of the semiconductor ecosystem; they are key architects of its future, shaping the way we approach AI technology and its integration into various sectors."

Antoine Leboyer
Managing Director, Venture Lab for Software and Artificial Intelligence at TUM

"This is a technology that can make a real difference. We think we have the best diamonds and the better the diamond the better you can sense."

Kevin Berghoff
CEO, ex-McKinsey
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Our network supports us in scientific research, industry applications, and capital funding. Together, we build tomorrow’s world of quantum technology.

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