Robin Allert | Scientific Expert

"Quantum technologies have seen a rapid developmental surge over the last couple of years. Though often overshadowed by quantum computation, quantum sensors show tremendous potential for widespread applications in chemistry and biology."

What is your role in QuantumDiamonds?

During the last few years, I spent most of my time creating the best possible quantum diamond sensors for NMR spectroscopy - just out of necessity. We started with a single useable diamond for our goals. This diamond had extraordinary properties, making it ideal for our high-tech application, but it also was unique. Meaning: If we had lost it, our technology would have never made it to reality. 

This actuality made me realize that we need a supplier for reproducible quantum sensors in diamonds with the best-possible quantum properties. Thus, together with my Ph.D. companions, Kristina and Fleming, and my supervisor, Dominik, and Kevin, we founded QuantumDiamonds.

Today, I’m taking up the role of scientific advisor: supporting the team in everything ranging from quantum sensor creation in diamonds to developing novel technologies and pushing industrial applications further.

You work with NV centers in diamond that can have various applications. What exactly are you researching?

I work on utilizing NV centers for chemical analysis in the life sciences. My Ph.D. thesis focuses on NMR spectroscopy using NV centers in diamonds. These unique quantum sensors allow us to parallelize this technology massively. In contrast, classical NMR spectroscopy is limited by relatively large sample volumes, allowing only a single sample at a time. With the help of quantum sensors, it is now possible to measure minute volumes, allowing us to measure thousands of chemical or biological samples simultaneously. This technology can open up entirely new applications, such as NMR-based cell sorting, NMR-based enzyme, catalyst, and drug screening, or NMR-based screening of medical samples in diagnostics.

What do you like about working at QuantumDiamonds?

The team! Everybody is passionate and dedicated to pushing quantum sensors in diamonds to the next level. And we are making great leaps in developing better and higher quality NV diamonds and enabling novel and revolutionizing technologies. Working at QD makes a significant impact on the world.


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