Huseyin Bahadir Yay | R&D Physicist - Quantum Sensing

With detailed knowledge of devices that measure at the nanoscale, Bahadir is working on the device the uses diamond quantum sensing for imaging magnetic fields.

What is your role in QuantumDiamonds?

I am working as a R&D Physicist, working on the NV center diamond characterization. Currently, my focus is to develop a complete setup measuring T1, T2, T2* and surface spin-NV interaction (DEER). This fully automatized setup is allowing us to characterize different spots on a diamond or characterize different diamonds without any user intervention.

My second responsibility is to develop a miniaturized DC magnetometer. In this project, our aim is to create a cost-effective product in a compact form. This device will be used for education and presentation purposes. I personally believe that this project can also be an initial platform that can evolve to some GPS or accelerometer applications in the future.

What do you like about working at QuantumDiamonds?

Firstly, Quantum technologies are truly promising. Exploiting properties of matter beyond classical physics has a great potential for developing new computation, communication and sensing technologies. Among these applications, NV center based sensing technologies had already achieved a great success, and it would be the right time to create some industrial products. In this context, Quantum Diamonds is a special company to work for. As we are witnessing the transition of NV Center diamonds from academic research to the industry, being at this company is a way of being a part of future technologies and pioneering new applications.

Apart from that, it is a comfortable and efficient workplace. Working in a start-up has many unique advantages for young researchers and engineers. For example, one can get important responsibilities and observe direct implications of his/her work. I also believe that the chemistry of the team is an important parameter for any workplace. From technical side to operations, from business development to scientific advising, Quantum Diamonds team has a wonderful harmony, and it creates a supportive and comfortable environment.



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