Company Updates | Dec 23, 2023

QuantumDiamonds Secures €7M for Nano-Magnetic Imaging, joins Intel Ignite

QuantumDiamonds, a leading innovator in quantum sensing technology, has announced a €7 million seed funding round to propel the development of their cutting-edge nano-scale magnetic-imaging solutions. This round was spearheaded by prominent venture capitalists IQ Capital and Earlybird, highlighting strong market confidence in QuantumDiamonds' transformative technology.  

QuantumDiamonds is also proud to join the Intel Ignite Program's fall 2023 European cohort. This involvement underscores QuantumDiamonds' commitment to accelerating its strategic growth and technological advancements by leveraging Intel's vast resources and industry expertise.

Kevin Berghoff, Co-Founder and CEO at QuantumDiamonds, expressed enthusiasm about the developments, stating, "This financial backing and Intel's support will significantly enhance our trajectory towards commercializing our first product. Our technology, centered around atom-sized quantum sensors, is set to revolutionize fields from semiconductor manufacturing to medical diagnostics."

QuantumDiamonds specializes in utilizing nitrogen-vacancy centers in synthetic diamonds to capture magnetic fields with unprecedented precision. This non-destructive method is crucial not only for advancing semiconductor manufacturing but also offers promising applications in several other industries including health care and battery technology.  

The company has made considerable progress with a working prototype currently undergoing tests leading global semiconductor manufacturers. The fresh capital will further enable QuantumDiamonds to expand its quantum engineering team and scale operations as it transitions from prototype to market-ready products.

The Intel Ignite Program is designed to foster innovation and entrepreneurial spirit by providing startups like QuantumDiamonds with business insights and growth strategies through mentorship from industry veterans. QuantumDiamonds is set to benefit from this tailored guidance, enhancing its ability to navigate complex challenges and seize new opportunities.

For more information on QuantumDiamonds and their participation in the Intel Ignite Program, please visit

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