Company Updates | Feb 01, 2024

QuantumDiamonds GmbH opens its Munich Quantum Lab as part of WERK1

QuantumDiamonds GmbH, a leading innovator in quantum technology, is excited to announce the opening of a new office in February 2024, equipped with four advanced imaging stations that enable ultrafast measurements of magnetic fields. This expansion is a significant step forward in their mission to advance quantum sensing technology and support the semiconductor industry.

Enhanced Capabilities with NV-based Widefield Magnetometry

The new facility features state-of-the-art NV (nitrogen-vacancy)-based widefield magnetometry imaging stations. These cutting-edge stations allow for high-resolution, ultrafast measurements of magnetic fields, offering unparalleled precision and speed. This technology is essential for a variety of applications, including the detailed analysis and quality control of semiconductor devices.

Werksviertel: The Place to Build Next-Gen Hardware in an ecosystem

QuantumDiamonds GmbH is hosted at WERK1, Werksviertel area, a hub for deep tech innovation with notable neighbors such as Rohde & Schwarz, Qualcomm, TDK, and Proxima Fusion. WERK1 is a high-performance center for digital startups in Munich, providing an open, dynamic atmosphere where ideas can grow into successful businesses. With coworking spaces, startup offices, coliving arrangements, and personalized coaching, WERK1 supports Munich's active startup community. Regular events facilitate networking and knowledge sharing, while the WERK1 Café offers a creative setting for exchanging ideas and working.

A Commitment to Innovation and Growth

"Our new office and advanced imaging stations represent a significant milestone for QuantumDiamonds GmbH," said Kevin Berghoff, co-founder of QuantumDiamonds GmbH. "These enhancements will enable us to better serve our clients in the semiconductor industry and continue to push the boundaries of what's possible with quantum sensing technology."

About QuantumDiamonds GmbH

QuantumDiamonds GmbH, founded in November 2022 by Kevin Berghoff and Dr. Fleming Bruckmaier, is a spin-out from the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Recognized as one of the leading deep tech startups in Europe, QuantumDiamonds GmbH is dedicated to advancing quantum sensing technology for the semiconductor industry. The company secured an €8M seed round to accelerate its growth and continue its mission of pioneering breakthroughs in the quantum technology sector.

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