Company Updates | Jun 01, 2024

QuantumDiamonds expands Team with Software and Hardware Experts

QuantumDiamonds GmbH, a pioneering company in the field of quantum technology, is thrilled to announce the addition of two experienced professionals to its leadership team. Founded by Kevin Berghoff and Dr. Fleming Bruckmaier, QuantumDiamonds GmbH is the global leader in commercial quantum sensing.

Joining the dynamic team are Dr. Marwa Garsi, the globally leading expert in quantum sensing for chip analysis, and Dr. Michael Hanke as the new Head of Software Engineering. Their combined expertise strengthens QuantumDiamond's mission to make the invisible visible with commercial quantum sensors.  

"We are incredibly excited to welcome Dr. Marwa Garsi and Dr. Michael Hanke to our team" said CEO Kevin Berghoff. "Their knowledge and experience will be invaluable as we drive innovation and expand the boundaries in quantum technology." Dr. Marwa Garsi completed her PhD in Jörg Wrachtrup’s group at the University of Stuttgart, leading quantum sensing research in collaboration with Zeiss, a German semiconductor tooling company. Her expertise in developing cutting-edge quantum technologies will enhance QuantumDiamonds product development and accelerate its growth. In addition to her notable research, she recently published the paper "Imaging circuits in three dimensions", featured in Nature Electronics.

Dr. Michael Hanke has an impressive track record in data science, machine learning and software development. After completing his PhD in Astrophysics with "summa cum laude" distinction, he transitioned to roles as a Data Scientist and later Principal Scientist, building up trinamiX GmbH, a BASF startup that works on miniaturized NIR spectroscopy solutions for B2C and B2B markets. In his positions, Michael has significantly enriched the company’s IP portfolio in the fields of digital signal processing and data-driven spectroscopy hardware development. With 8 years of experience in digital solutions and exceptional technical skills, he will play a key role at QuantumDiamonds, creating innovative solutions that meet the needs of their clients and the market.

"We believe that the addition of these two talented professionals will significantly strengthen our capabilities," said Dr. Fleming Bruckmaier. "Their passion and commitment to excellence align perfectly with our vision for QuantumDiamonds GmbH."

QuantumDiamonds GmbH is focused on delivering innovative solutions that leverage quantum technology solving complex manufacturing problems in the semiconductor industry. With the new seasoned experts on board, the company is set to accelerate its growth and continue leading as the global provider of commercial quantum sensors.

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About QuantumDiamonds GmbH

QuantumDiamonds GmbH, founded in November 2022 by Kevin Berghoff and Dr. Fleming Bruckmaier, is a spin-out from the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Recognized as one of the leading deep tech startups in Europe, QuantumDiamonds GmbH is dedicated to advancing quantum sensing technology for the semiconductor industry. The company secured an €8M seed round to accelerate its growth and continue its mission of pioneering breakthroughs in the quantum technology sector.

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